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Facial Treatments

Stress has a way of showing up on your skin.  Rejuvenate your skin cells with one  of our customized facials to meet your skin care needs. Allow your vibrant complexion and youthful glow to emerge!  Facials at Lasting Beauty Spa include a thorough skin analysis.

Express Facial$70

This 30 minute session Includes a gentle facial scrub with steam, extraction on a concentrated area and soothing mask.

Customized Facial $95 With a Peel $150

For oily, dry, or dehydrated skin this facial is customized to each individuals need. Each facial includes steam, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, soothing mask, and aroma-therapy massage.

Customized Facial with Dermaplaning $160

For oily, dry, or dehydrated skin this facial is customized to each individuals need. Each facial includes steam, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, soothing mask, and aroma-therapy massage.

Dermaplaning $90 With a Peel $140

Exfoliates the epidermis by removing fine, vellus hair ( peach fuzz), Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves mild scarring. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Oxygen Facial $150

This facial delivers instant results! softens expression lines, improves skin elasticity, builds cell turnover, deep infusion of oxygenated vitamins and antioxidants , LED treatment included.

Lightening Facial $140

This facial is great for sun damaged skin, reducing uneven pigmentation, and brightens complexion with our brightening products formulated with Licorice Root Stem cells.

Microdermabrasion Treatment $100

A 30 minute Microderm session, hydrating mask and SPF 30 sunscreen reveals your radiant complexion.

Microneedling Treatment $225 (Face) $325 (Add Neck)

Instantly produces new collagen, causing the skin to heal with new, healthy tissues. Improves Uneven Skin Tones and fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne / Oily Skin Facial$150

This facial treats acne prone skin, diminishes outbreaks, controls excess oil, calms and hydrates skin bringing down inflammation.

Brightening & Illuminating Facial$150

This facial improves skin’s overall texture, polishes, rejuvinates, and gives your skin a glamorous glow. Ideal for hyperpigmentation, sun damaged, thick, oily, and dull skin. Suitable for all akin types. Includes a Mandelic acid peel.

Teen Facial$85

For oily, dry, or dehydrated skin this facial is customized to each teen’s individual need. Each facial includes steam, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, soothing mask and aromatherapy massage.

Grand Luxe Facial$350

This premium facial includes RF, skin tightening & lifting, chemical peel followed by an oxygen facial, helps wrinkles, detoxifies & brightens. Finishing up with Celluma LED treatment stimulating cell renewal & collagen production, tightening of pores, and evens out skin tone.

Celluma LED Acne Treatment $75

30 minute treatment, kills bacteria that causes breakouts, while reducing inflammation, pimples, and redness associated with acne. (Packages available)

Celluma LED Antiaging Treatment$75

30 minute treatment reverses signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin. (Packages available)

Microderm Facial$145

Repair sun damaged skin. diminish fine lines and wrinkles. lighten hyper-pigmentation and smooth acne scarring. Treatment includes corrective serum. soothing mask. moisturizer and SPF 30 sunscreen. (Recommended in a series)

Micropeel Facial$165

Microdermabrasion session followed by a peel customized by skin type and condition. Gently removes outermost layer of dead skin cells resulting with a refreshed polished complexion.

Chemical Peel Treatments $85 & UP

Glycolic, Lactic, Kojic, and Salicylic Acids combine to reverse environmental damage by sloughing away dead surface cells and stimulating cell renewal. Fine Lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring fade away, leaving the skin smooth and clarified. Includes Soothing Serum and SPF 30 sunscreen. (Recommended in a series)

Plasma Lift Treatment $250 & up

Plasma skin tightening is a new revolutionary, non invasive treatment for both men and women. A flash creates controlled damage to the epidermis which stimulates cell production of more collagento repair the skin. Collagen continues to generate 4-6 weeks after treatmetn, resulting in lifted, more youthful skin.

Hydroplus Facial Treatment $165

Mictodermbrasion treatment followed by infusion of selected serum from Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Stem Cells, Peptides. Fantastic for brown spots, wrinkles, acne prone skin and more.

Rf Face or Neck Skin Tightening Treatment $95 Each / $150 Both

Radio Frequency treatments will help to lift, firm and tighten skin by aiding the skin's own ability to produce collagen and elastin.

Collagen Facial $140

This facial improves skin moisture giving you an instant facelift, maximizing collagen in your skin Keeping it smooth, plump, firm, and eventually reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Sensitive Skin DermaSwiss Facial $120

This soothing facial gently exfoliates dead skin cells while hydrating and reducing redness. Good for all skin types, especially beneficial for rosacea..

Anti-Aging Skin DermaSwiss Facial $150

This facial repairs the skin’s barrier function and diminishes transepidermal water loss in dry, dehydrated, mature and thin skin types. Includes a Lactic acid peel..

Hydrating Antiwrinkle Skin DermaSwiss Facial $150

This facial controls symptoms of aging skin. Techniques and ingredients that compliment each other to add hydration, volume and decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Includes Glycolic acid peel and Collagen Myoxinol Mask..

Men's Customized Facial$100

For oily, dry, or dehydrated skin, this facial is customized to each individual's need. Each facial includes steam, exfoliation, extraction of impurities, soothing mask and aroma therapy massage.

Trifecta Facial$285

This signature facial includes Microdermabrasion , Dermaplaning, and Celluma LED Rejuvenation treatment stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, tightening of pores and evens out skin tone.

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CryoLab Aesthetics is a cryo therapy treatment of skin conditions such as age spots, sun spots, and skin tags.  The best part about this treatment is that it's pain free, and there is no down time!  Treatment can be done as an add- on or a stand alone treatment.

CryoLab uses solid Carbon Dioxide (dry-ice) to superficially freeze and destroy the targeted tissue without harming deeper layers of the skin.

Cryotherapy CryoLab Aesthetics Services

Dark Spot or Skin Tag removal $50 (per spot)

Face or Neck Spot removal $249 (25 minute session)

Hand Spot removal $199 (20 minute session)

Face and Neck Spot Removal $299 (30 minute session))

Face, Neck, & Decollete Spot removal$399 (45 minute session)

Decollete Spot removal $299 (30 minute session)

Hand and Arm Spot removal $349 (40 minute session)

Skin Tag removal $50 (individual)

Skin Tags removal $200 (up to 5)

Skin Tag removal $300 (up to 10)

Skin Tag removal $375 (up to 20)

Spot Removal-cryotherapy

Enhancement Services

Brow Tint $20

Lash Tint $25

Lash Lift $75

Lash Lift & Tint$90

Waxing Services

Lip & Brow $25 or $15 Each

Ear & Nose $25 or $15 Each

Chin $20

Full Face $55

Sideburns $20

Underarms $30

Full Arms/Hands $65

Lower Arms $40

Full Legs $80 and Up

Lower Legs $45

Bikini Line $40

Men's Back $95 and Up

Lasting Beauty Spa

Body Treatments

Underarm Whitening Treatment $75

30 minute Lactic Acid peel treatment including a Vitamin C mask. (Recommended in a series - Buy 5 get 6th free)

Back Facial Treatment $110

A deep-cleansing facial for the back with extractions, mask and protection cream. Leaving the skin blemish free and hydrated.

Body Slimming Treatment $125( Per area)

This treatment combines the advantages of Ultrasound Cavitation, Vacuum, and Radio Frequency. It is not for weight loss, it is designed for the reduction of stubborn fat deposits, such as abdomen, arms, thighs, back , and hips.
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